File Upload: Automate Your Workflow  By Data Transfer

File Upload: Automate Your Workflow By Data Transfer

How to Optimizing Your Workflow with CSV Automatically


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By using Wyzebulb you can optimize your workflow by uploading the CSV file into Wyzebulb. This can be integrated with other applications to perform automated workflow.

Just upload the CSV with data and process those data in different applications, By automating the process, Wyzebulb helps you save time and reduces the possibility of human mistakes.

You may now start building your automated process.

If you have a Wyzebulb account, click on create flow button.

We have two sections trigger and action.


  1. Select your trigger application as Wyzebulb Upload.

  2. Choose your trigger event as Upload CSV File.

  3. Upload the CSV file with headers and data.

  4. In test events, select the test sample and save.


  1. Select your action application as Gmail.

  2. Choose your action event as Send a Message.

  3. Connect your Gmail account with Wyzebulb.

  4. In the Setup action, fill all required fields by clicking on the '+' icon and map the trigger values.

  5. In test actions, it will show the success message if all the steps are correct.

  6. click on save flow and provide a name to the flow.

Now the mail is sent to one of your receiver.

To send all the mails upload your csv file again.

By selecting the status you can find the status of the result.

Now open your gmail and see the sent items.

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