Recruitee: Post A New Job Automatically

Recruitee: Post A New Job Automatically


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How To Post A New Job In Recruitee Automatically

Recruitee is a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment software designed to help companies streamline their hiring process and make it more efficient. It provides a centralized platform for companies to manage job postings, resumes, candidate communications, and offer letters. With Recruitee, companies can save time, reduce administrative burdens, and improve their overall hiring process.

The integration of Recruitee through Wyzebulb in your recruitment process results in increased efficiency and an optimized workflow, allowing for centralized management of all recruitment activities, improved collaboration with stakeholders, and data-driven hiring decisions.

By automating the process, Wyzebulb streamlines your recruitment process and minimizes the risk of human error, helping you save time and increase efficiency.

To get started, simply sign in to your Wyzebulb account and click on the "Create Flow" button. The platform is designed with two sections: "Trigger" and "Action."


  1. Select your trigger application as Google Sheet Webhook.

  2. Choose your trigger event as Catch Hook.

  3. Copy the Webhook URL and go to your Google Sheet and configure the app, where the trigger and send functions will be located on the right side of your sheet. To complete the setup, paste the copied Webhook URL into your Google Sheet by selecting 'on Event Change'.

  4. In test events, select the test sample and save.


    1. Select your action application as Recruitee.

    2. Choose your action event as Create a New Job.

    3. Connect your Recruitee account with Wyzebulb.

    4. In the Setup action, fill all required fields by clicking on the '+' icon and map the trigger values.

    5. In test actions, it will show the success message if all the steps are correct

      1. click on save flow and provide a name to the flow

        Now, we can see the job post in the Recruitee Application.

        This will continue the automated workflow as and on you add the details in Google Sheets Webhook.

        Now you can see the post in the Recruitee Application

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