How To Create A Flow In Wyzebulb

How To Create A Flow In Wyzebulb

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Manish Gowda
·Dec 28, 2022·

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If you have a Wyzebulb account, Let us start with the steps to create a flow.

Click on create flow button.

We have two stages trigger and action.


  1. Now select the trigger application.

  2. Choose the trigger event.

  3. Add or connect your account details with the trigger application.

  4. In the test events, select the test samples and save.


Continued with set-up action.

Continue with the test action.

  1. Now select the action application.

  2. choose the action event.

  3. Add or connect your account details with the action application.

  4. Set up an action template to map the required fields from triggers.

  5. In test actions, it will show the success message if all the steps are correct.

  6. Click on the save flow and provided the name of the flow.

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